Grade Changes

December 7, 2016

South Carolina has finally gone to a Ten point grading scale in hopes to increase students achievement on the national level, but with this comes some teachers grading harder.

“They are grading harsher and they took away some of the other ones like, test corrections. We do not do test corrections in my prob and stats class because of the new grading system.”

Jaylin Washington

Of 100 students surveyed sixty percent of students think that teachers are grading harder.

“The work is like harder because the teachers know that the grades changed. So they are making their work harder.”

Daymonte White

Last year in the first quarter 293 students made the honor roll compared to 404 in the first quarter of this year. Teachers feel as if this is because of the grade changes.

“I really like the new grading system, I really do, I think it is easier for the students to understand and it’s just ten points and it is easier to keep up with if I am right at the line or am I about to cross the line to the next grade. It’s just easier mathematically.”

Spanish Teacher- Kionna Keels

“I like the new grading system, I think it gives my students a bigger chance to get a better grade. I thought it was really restrictive to have a 93 to be the cutoff for an A.”

Science Teacher- Benjamin Kane

The impact of the grade change will be seen throughout the year.

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