RNE’s Opinion About The Ads For President Donald Trump’s Impeachment

RNE's Opinion About The Ads For President Donald Trump's Impeachment

Kailynn Shaw, Reporter

Recently, a billionaire named Tom Steyer spent over $120 million dollars to ad campaigns calling for President Trump’s impeachment. The ads can be seen on TV. After being seen nationwide, the ads have garnered a variety of responses,

“I think it’s kind of wrong to impeach right now, even though a lot of us don’t agree with him, I think there is too much going on for us to worry about the impeachment,” – John Jeffery, Senior

The news spread quickly, most people only knowing about President Trump’s meeting with Senate and House members about the situation as well as minute details. Students and teachers at RNE are still confused about the impeachment process surrounding President Trump.

Image straight from the ad

“I know there is a billionaire, going around getting people to sign a form for the impeachment process, since Trump has broke a lot of laws regarding the Russia investigation and the potential hacking,” said Nicole Barton, an Athletic Trainer at RNE.

When the news about the ads reached Trump, he went to twitter and called Steyer “wacky and unhinged” on October 27th. Steyer defended himself, saying he was exercising his 1st amendment right. “He could have used a different set of words, to say that,” said Jeffery,”I don’t think the man is completely wacky, he just has his own opinion and is very strong about it.” 

While there have been a great amount of advertisements, an impeachment has not yet been announced to the general public.


House Democrats and Republicans have been forced to vote for an impeachment by Republican Al Green. After the voting process, only 58 Democrats supported the impeachment, while 364 did not agree to the impeachment.”I feel like have a lot of people, that are supporting him that don’t realize how he isn’t helping the people or doing good things. The [main demographic of] people who have voted for him are [usually] rich. He is benefiting people that are rich and not the other people of the country,” said Kaleah Capers, junior.