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Amazon is Go-ing Far

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Amazon Go is a new and upcoming store in Seattle, Washington. The store was made to keep lines short and be the up and coming way to shop. When you approach the store you will notice there are no checkout stations but what is there are scanners that scan your phone and whenever you pick up something it goes onto your phone just like it would be in your cart like when you would buy something online.

Amazon Go Entry Way

Their slogan is now,”No Lines, No Checkout. No, Seriously,” but on opening day there was a line around the block for there opening like another opening for any other store,

“You can’t have absolutely no lines. It’s a store opening with brand new technology and people are going to want to try it,” says Keleah Capers, 10th grader,”Just given them some slack, they are just starting.”

The store did receive some backlash saying that if you are going to have a no line policy then that policy should be honored.

With all the backlash Amazon Go has gotten a lot of five-star ratings one review from Yelp had stated,”The future of not-online shopping has arrived. The experience alone is worth it. How can I not give this place 5-stars? If you work or live downtown, this is a great addition to the scarce options of convenience stores in this hub. Throw in some pretty cool technology and you’ve got Amazon Go.”

Amazon Go will change the way that people everywhere will shop. The lines will stop wrapping around the block and people will be able to grab things quickly and easily.

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