Teachers Take A Strike


Kailynn Shaw, Reporter

In Charleston, West Virginia, teachers from all sorts of West Virginian schools have taken part in major strikes for teacher’s pay. The strikes started on the 28th of February, the teachers wanted a pay raise for all the hard work they do making their students into tomorrows future. While in front of the state capital the popular song “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, https://twitter.com/SarahLJorgensen/status/968876490640297985

A total of 20,000 teachers and 13,000 school service employees appeared on picket lines, causing schools to close. In consequence, the learning process began to slow down,

“If our teachers had gone on a protest I would be happy but also upset because it would take away from my class time and my learning,” said Gerad Daniels, Junior, “I feel they strike at a different time, like, come to school and teach during school hours and protest after school.”

Many students are in support of their teachers since they feel that since their teachers instruct up to 30 students, they should get paid fairly,”I understand that if you are apart of a union, then you would go out on strike. But me personally, I wouldn’t even accept a job with bad pay,” said Benjamin Kane, a chemistry teacher.

Gov. Jim Justice announced teachers and other education-related employees would be receiving a 5% pay raise in the first year, as long as lawmakers approve it in a new bill. The strike also inspired teachers in other states to speak out against unfair payment plans.