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What Happens To Our Plastic?

Gabby Greenley

February 19, 2018

The SAFE Federal Credit Union is a financial institution located on campus to accommodate students and staff. The easy accessibility and convenience encourages everyone at Richland Northeast to save and enhance their financial security. SAFE is ran by students here at RNE. The student interns are selected...

Grads Give Back

Caleb Daniels

February 15, 2018

"Old faces were scene on campus on December 15 as Northeast alumni returned to give back.  The event was organized by AVID.  The alumni gave advice on how to manage college life and answered questions about life beyond RNE." Whether pursuing college, looking for a job, or taking a break, High school students often dream of life after High school. RNE grad...

Amazon is Go-ing Far

February 12, 2018

Amazon Go is a new and upcoming store in Seattle, Washington. The store was made to keep lines short and be the up and coming way to shop. When you approach the store you will notice there are no checkout stations but what is there are scanners that scan your phone and whenever you pick up something...

Winter Blood Drive

Clarkson Broadwater, Broadcast Journalist

February 8, 2018

On December 6th, students signed up to give the gift of life at the winter blood drive. Attendees entered the new gym and filled out their information in anticipation to donate to the red cross. Students then waited in line to be called by a volunteer to be seated. After waiting, students were sat...

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

Kailynn Shaw, Reporter

January 10, 2018

People go on the internet with the expectation of being able to do whatever they want without having their internet blocked the ability to go onto their phones without worrying about corporate slowing down data and asking for users to pay a special fee to keep it at a decent speed. The action of complete...

RNE’s Opinion About The Ads For President Donald Trump’s Impeachment

RNE's Opinion About The Ads For President Donald Trump's Impeachment

Kailynn Shaw, Reporter

December 7, 2017

Recently, a billionaire named Tom Steyer spent over $120 million dollars to ad campaigns calling for President Trump's impeachment. The ads can be seen on TV. After being seen nationwide, the ads have garnered a variety of responses, "I think it's kind of wrong to impeach right now, even though a l...

The Story of Mr. Terry

Kayla Jeffers, Reporter

November 14, 2017

With over 30 Richland 2 Schools, it takes an army of staff members to keep the facilities clean for students.  Service Solution employees work throughout the day to keep RNE clean, but one staff member stands out among the rest.  Terry Leysath, also known as Mr. Terry, is a deaf custodian who h...

The United State’s Chilling Opioid crisis

The United State's Chilling Opioid crisis

Elena Horton, Editor in Chief

November 9, 2017

The chaos began in the late 1990s. Researchers had recently developed an opioid based drug with the intention of being a pain killer. There were questions, but pharmaceutical companies stressed and reassured that the pain killers would not cause an addiction. In 2015 alone, more than 33,000 Americans died...

Bite the Bullet – Mass Shootings in the United States

Bite the Bullet - Mass Shootings in the United States

Elena Horton, Editor in Chief

November 8, 2017

289. That's the amount of mass shootings that have occurred in the United States alone during 2017 thus far with the most fatal being the Las Vegas shooting. The most gruesome shootings in modern U. S history have occurred within the past two decades, the fatality rate rising each time. That leaves America with a...

The History of Pride in South Carolina

The History of Pride in South Carolina

Kailynn Shaw, Reporter

October 25, 2017

Pride Parade is a public event that allows the LGBT community and LGBT allies to come together and express their individuality.  For the past 20 years, excluding 2000 and 2001, the pride parade has been an active part of South Carolina. People from all over the Southern Region come to participate in...

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