The Saber

Homecoming 2020

Han Nelson and Rissy McDonald November 22, 2020

Some things happen in high school that you will never forget; maybe it is when you scored the game-winning point, starred in the school play, or even when you aced an exam. For many students at Richland...

Covid-19 taking over how we learn could be beneficial

Kailynn Shaw, Reporter May 14, 2020

Covid-19 could be beneficial for the education system. It does not seem all that great being stuck at home but the way things are running education could become a lot less tedious. Just like any other...

Stay safe from sickness

Stay safe from sickness

Han Nelson, Reporter March 3, 2020

With a new virus out to play, it's been noticed that it is harder for people to stop the sickness from getting to them. Here are some tips on to protect yourself from any sickness.

The first round of the playoffs

Kailynn Shaw, Editor-and-Chief March 3, 2020

The Cavalier family packed the stands, with sounds of excitement and support, for the first round of the playoffs. On February 19th, the Cavaliers faced the Blue Ridge Tigers in the first round of the...

The benefits of learning a new language

The benefits of learning a new language

Max Brabham, Reporter December 3, 2019

While most electives are things that are optional, there is one exception. Language electives such as Spanish, French, and Latin, are a requirement for all students, as one needs at least two language...

Top five Netflix shows of 2019

November 14, 2019

Netflix one of the most used streaming service because of its wide variety of movies, documentaries, and television shows all advertisement free. Many of the TV shows on the site are from cable television...

Homecoming 2019

Max Brabham, Reporter September 29, 2019

It's 2019 homecoming week here at RNE and just like every year, there is a theme, Northchella. Just like Coachella, there is a variety of different styles for each day of this week, here's a list of what...

Cornell notes: What are they?

Cornell notes: What are they?

Max Brabham, Reporter September 20, 2019

When it comes to taking notes, the cornell style is often the most advocated. Opinion on this type of note taking style can fall under loved, hated, or anything in between. As of the 2019 school year,...

RNE Campus

Back to school essential tips 2019

Han Nelson, Reporter September 3, 2019

With every new year comes change, especially for people new to Richland Northeast, and it's a good idea to be prepared for what school life is like at RNE.  Schedule One of the most important things...

Deep, Dark, Dastardly: The Dark Web and its Origins

Deep, Dark, Dastardly: The Dark Web and its Origins

Elena Horton, Reporter March 25, 2019

“It wasn’t going to be a box of flowers,” said two men involved in a bomb plot. Michael James Young Jr., a 31 year old inmate who is currently serving a 50 year prison sentence, attempted to assassinate...

Overcoming injuries

March 25, 2019

An athlete's body is their whole career, some rely on legs more, others arms, and for most athletes, it's both. So when an athlete gets injured, it can seem like the whole world is beginning to crumble...

Top five songs of 2019

Top five songs of 2019

Kailynn Shaw, Co-Editor March 21, 2019

Music is a universal language, it doesn't matter if the person is rapping or singing or speaking in a different language, it's just how the artists make you feel with their music. The past three months...

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