The Saber


December 12, 2017

On November 17 and 18 of 2017, PCA Dance performed the show Tarzan at Richland Northeast High School.The show preformed iconic choreography and contained an all star ensemble. Tarzan had an energetic vibe, had a quick pace and creative color choice. After months of preparation, all of the cast member's...

Controversy over Clothes

Tucker Dove and LaMarion Wilson

December 11, 2017

Students come together to talk about the controversy over Dress Code.   Everyday, students come to RNE to learn and get a education for their lives after High school. They are required to wear a certain amount of clothing. Most students don't mind the dress code, while other think,"We...

Favorite Holiday Movie

McKenzie TIllman

December 8, 2017

With the holiday season in full effect, this man on the street package asked what were the favorite holiday movies of the students and faculty at RNE.

Ho, Ho, Holidays! – The Cavaliers and The Holidays

Ho, Ho, Holidays! - The Cavaliers and The Holidays

Elena Horton, Editor in Chief

December 8, 2017

Many people would describe the holidays as a fun time of year for everyone. A time of joy and laughter, as well as family time. But does everyone celebrate the same way? "Considering a majority of the population is christian," said Scott Moore, 10th grader, "That’s why it’s so popular." Moore...

Fall Fashion Lookbook

Kayla Brown, Keyanna Argumedo, and Darius Darby

December 8, 2017

Fall is here and winter is around the corner, so here is look book to show some outfits that are trendy and in style. In the video, there's two students to show off two different styles. One student is showing an outfit with more of a preppy style and the other student is wearing an outfit displaying...

Winter DIYs

Will Davidson

December 8, 2017

The season is changing, so here's a guide on how to get in the holiday spirit. These are 3 DIY hacks that are simple and will get the house winter ready!  Snow Globes The ingredients : 16-oz. jar Corn syrup Chunky glitter Hot glue gun and glue sticks A holiday figurine Measur...

Coming Home Week

Kailynn Shaw, Reporter

December 7, 2017

Henry Horlbeck, a senior at RNE, has made a commercial for this year coming home. Monday- Dress To Impress Wear your nicest clothes. Tuesday- White Out Wear all white.   Wednesday- Pajama Day Wear your PJs.   Thursday- Jersey Day Wear your favorite team's...

RNE’s Opinion About The Ads For President Donald Trump’s Impeachment

RNE's Opinion About The Ads For President Donald Trump's Impeachment

Kailynn Shaw, Reporter

December 7, 2017

Recently, a billionaire named Tom Steyer spent over $120 million dollars to ad campaigns calling for President Trump's impeachment. The ads can be seen on TV. After being seen nationwide, the ads have garnered a variety of responses, "I think it's kind of wrong to impeach right now, even though a l...

Basketball Intramurals

Jamie Collins

December 7, 2017

The beginning of November marked the start of the annual basketball intramurals at Richland Northeast. Anticipating the outcome of the games, students filled the gym to cheer on their friends. Intramurals, which have been a tradition at RNE for at least 8 years, bringing together students who have...

Top 3 Things You Can Cook In A Waffle Iron

Ronitra Wilson, Reporter

December 6, 2017

Fast cooking, delicious bites, the waffle iron is mainly known for turning pancake mix into waffles. But what else is the waffle iron capable of cooking in its sizzling grill? Grilled Cheese: Ingredients Butter Sandwich Bread Sliced Cheese of your choice Directions Pre...

The Story of Mr. Terry

Kayla Jeffers, Reporter

November 14, 2017

With over 30 Richland 2 Schools, it takes an army of staff members to keep the facilities clean for students.  Service Solution employees work throughout the day to keep RNE clean, but one staff member stands out among the rest.  Terry Leysath, also known as Mr. Terry, is a deaf custodian who h...


Kailynn Shaw, Reporter

November 8, 2017

RNE football is one of the most popular sports at RNE. Some students will agree that RNE football wouldn't be complete without all the teamwork, good sportsmanship, and the support from the coaching staff. This year the RNE football Head Coach is Bennett Weigle. Coach Weigle teaches Photoshop and Image Edi...