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We Need To Talk: How Fake News is Impacting Society

Elena Horton, Reporter

December 13, 2016

As we go farther as a human race and evolve, we create more innovative things that benefit us all. One of these things happen to be the internet. We use it to publish stories here, you the reader are using it to read this article. However, with every good comes an evil. In recent years, fake news has...

4th Annual Film Festival

December 13, 2016

This video can be a school project or it can be done at home. Students and staff, we encourage you to participate in this event. This is your chance to show off all your creativity through video creation! It is important for students to find a school contact. This could be a homeroom teacher or any ot...

RNE Literary Magazine

RNE Literary Magazine

December 9, 2016

Artists … Poets … Writers … Photographers … If you are looking for THE place to show off your creativity, Psyche literary arts magazine is it! The deadline for submissions is Thursday, Dec. 15. If you are having trouble figuring out how to submit your work, go by Room B-208 any day at lunch fr...

What’s Fir Christmas? Real vs. Fake Trees

Elena Horton, Reporter

December 7, 2016

Every year, there's an active debate on whether or not to can the artificial trees and go with the real ones, or save a few trees for the good of mother nature and just go with an artificial for a few years. Here are some factors you need to consider when making a decision for the holidays.   Good for the...

School Security

Joe Coveney, Web Master

December 7, 2016

There have been at least 201 school shootings in the United States since 2013, which is almost one per week. Because of these often tragedies, 25% of the students at RNE say they don’t feel safe while at school. School shootings like the Townville elementary school shooting caused RNE to renew their...

Marvel vs DC

Javian Brown - Convergence Media

Javian Brown, Co-Editor

November 18, 2016

Memorial for the Dead

Elena Horton, Reporter

November 1, 2016 We at RNE have a variety of people from different backgrounds. However, every year on November 1st and 2nd, our Latin American population gets a special time to celebrate their ancestry. November 1st and 2nd is the Day of the Dead, a day in...

Homecoming Recap

Elena Horton, Reporter

October 26, 2016

Taking a look back on 2016's homecoming.

Head Start! College Application Day 2016

Head Start! College Application Day 2016

Elena Horton, Reporter

October 24, 2016

Have you ever stopped and wondered: ‘How do I sign up for college?’ ‘Where do I start?’ or ‘Would I even be able to go?’ Allow us to introduce you to RNE’s application day. Application day may be seen as a way for seniors to apply to set aside time to apply for colleges and scholarships,...

Sneeze Prank

October 21, 2016

Reporter Sha-Dia Burch takes to the streets with a fake common cold and a microphone.

Life Hacks

October 10, 2016

Reporter Christopher Dove presents a few hacks to make life easier.

REACT: Quit Clownin’ Around!

REACT: Quit Clownin' Around!

Elena Horton, Reporter

October 4, 2016

With Halloween around the corner, pranks are fairly normal -- from innocent scares, to vandalism. But recently, there has been a large increase of clowns being seen all across not only the Midlands, but the country as well. The situation has only gotten worse and worse as months have gone by, with cl...