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2021 Homecoming Spirit Days
September 8, 2021
2021 Homecoming Spirit Days
Deim Gannaban, Reporter • September 8, 2021

Spirit Week Ending and First Home Game Activities
Sam Helman August 26, 2021

Tomorrow, August 27, will mark the first school spirit event since winter of 2020. There will be a parade where the student government, the band, and the football team will march around the school. They will go through...

Homecoming 2020
Han Nelson and Rissy McDonald November 22, 2020

Some things happen in high school that you will never forget; maybe it is when you scored the game-winning point, starred in the school play, or even when you aced an exam. For many students at Richland Northeast, that...

Covid-19 taking over how we learn could be beneficial
Kailynn Shaw, Reporter • May 14, 2020

Covid-19 could be beneficial for the education system. It does not seem all that great being stuck at home but the way things are running education could become a lot less tedious. Just like any other state, South Carolina...

Stay safe from sickness
Stay safe from sickness
Han Nelson, Reporter • March 3, 2020

With a new virus out to play, it's been noticed that it is harder for people to stop the sickness from getting to them. Here are some tips on to protect yourself from any sickness.

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The monetization of malware
Han Nelson, Reporter • January 15, 2020

Malware is an umbrella term used to describe software designed to be harmful to computer users, and and comes from  the term ‘Malicious Software’. It comes in many forms, and over time, the purpose behind creating malware...

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E-Cigarettes: facts and fictions
Han Nelson, Reporter • October 15, 2019

Electronic cigarettes, known to most as e-cigarettes, are electronic devices that create aerosols that are inhaled. The aerosols are formed from an “e-liquid” that could contain nicotine and, a usually fruity like, flavor....

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The Titanic: a supersized shipwreck
Kailynn Shaw, Editor • August 27, 2019

Ever wondered about the Titanic, it sunk to the bottom of the sea, there is a movie about the ship and that's all people really know about it. Recently the famous ship was investigated after 14 years of it just sitting...

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2020 Summer Olympics
2020 Summer Olympics
Ellena Aimes May 23, 2019

The Olympics is a very large and well-known competition of both summer and winter sports. This summer Olympics is highly anticipated as it gets closer. Not only does the Summer Olympics have many sports that vary from Archery...

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