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Toxic Tales: Venom Review

Toxic Tales: Venom Review

November 5, 2018

Was Slavery a Choice?

May 14, 2018

400 years ago, the South had a thriving economy off of free slave labor. With a majority of those slaves being from Africa, with the system running on pure racism, it's regarded as one of the lowest points in American history. Kanye...

Could Insidious-The Last Key bring about more Insidious Movies

Waverley McGee

January 16, 2018

Since the release date of January 5th, 2018; the horror seeking thriller Insidious-The Last Key, there is no questioning towards the revenue brought in by the film. The film is said to brought in just over $20 million to box of...

Favorite Holiday Movie

December 8, 2017

Fall Fashion Lookbook

December 8, 2017