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Covid-19 taking over how we learn could be beneficial

Kailynn Shaw, Reporter

May 14, 2020

Covid-19 could be beneficial for the education system. It does not seem all that great being stuck at home but the way things are running education could become a lot less tedious. Just like any other state, South Carolina has started to practice social distancing, which has closed many places, such as...

Historic heroes

Kailynn Shaw, Editor and Chief

March 2, 2020

When thinking of Black History Month, it is common to think of the iconic and well-known idols such as Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks,  or Barack Obama. There are people who have made just as an impact but are not talked about as much as the four mentioned before. Learning about the peop...

Top five Netflix shows of 2019

November 14, 2019

Netflix one of the most used streaming service because of its wide variety of movies, documentaries, and television shows all advertisement free. Many of the TV shows on the site are from cable television and the rest are produced by Netflix themselves and have grown increasingly more popular. This year...

Mario Kart, racing onto a phone near you

Kailynn Shaw, Editor in Chief

November 13, 2019

As a kid, no matter how old you were, there was always one game you always really enjoyed playing and nothing was going to ever top that game. As the years go by you see your favorite game get upgrades or reboots, sometimes the changes are great and sometimes changes are not that great but usually, the...

Stress can be Stressful

Stress can be Stressful

October 27, 2019

When someone is in high school, one of the most recurring feelings is being stressed out. Stress is something that can appear because of a multitude of factors, whether it's because you have three tests tomorrow they haven't been able to study for, because you accidentally put a piece of paper in a trash...

Walled Up: Why The Government Shutdown was Unnecessary

Walled Up: Why The Government Shutdown was Unnecessary

Elena Horton, Reporter

February 20, 2019

800,000. That's how many employees, both critical and non-critical, were directly effected by the shutdown. 50,000. That's how many were called back without pay in the middle of the shutdown. One. That's how many people were directly responsible for the longest government shutdown in U.S History. What Is a Go...

Genres and authors to peak your interest

Genres and authors to peak your interest

Ellena Aimes, Reporter

February 19, 2019

Reading is a fundamental task that can't really be avoided. People read texts from friends, read menus to restaurants and even read questions to homework assignments. However, high school students don't read novels much, because reading for fun isn't something that sounds appealing to the average tee...

Power moves: Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse Review

Power moves: Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse Review

Elena Horton, Reporter

February 11, 2019

Everyone and their cousin knows who spider-man is by now. A web-slinging, do it all dynamo, but no one knows about his extended universe. Into the Spider-verse explores the extended world of the Spider-verse that Stan-lee created long, long ago. Into the Spider-verse is an action style animation which...

Impeach the College: The Debate on the Electoral College

Voting sign indicating a voting location

Elena Horton, Reporter

November 13, 2018

The electoral college has been established for 231 years and has been apart of all 43 of the United State's elections. However, there has been an ongoing debate on the usefulness and overall purpose of the electoral college. "The whole idea of the electoral college came from when the fathers were...

Toxic Tales: Venom Review

Toxic Tales: Venom Review

Amara Houck, Contributor

November 5, 2018

     Unlike most superhero movies, this movie, in particular, isn’t about a superhero at all. On October 5th, 2018, Ruben Fleischer’s released Venom, a movie focused on the anti-hero symbiote and his human partner Eddie Brock.      The movie follows Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), a former journalis...

Was Slavery a Choice?

May 14, 2018

400 years ago, the South had a thriving economy off of free slave labor. With a majority of those slaves being from Africa, with the system running on pure racism, it's regarded as one of the lowest points in American history. Kanye West, a rapper, made a comment which stirred many debates within...

Jumping the Gun – The United States and Gun Laws

Elena Horton, Editor in Chief

March 15, 2018

302. That's the number of school shootings that have occurred in the United States since 2013, starting from January 8th with Fort Myers's Apostolic Revival Center Christian school, the timeline ending as of March 9th of 2018. A scarier fact: no one can predict where the next shooting will occur. The...

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