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Stay safe from sickness

Stay safe from sickness

Han Nelson, Reporter March 3, 2020

With a new virus out to play, it's been noticed that it is harder for people to stop the sickness from getting to them. Here are some tips on to protect yourself from any sickness.


The monetization of malware

Han Nelson, Reporter January 15, 2020

Malware is an umbrella term used to describe software designed to be harmful to computer users, and and comes from  the term ‘Malicious Software’. It comes in many forms, and over time, the purpose...

E-Cigarettes: facts and fictions

Han Nelson, Reporter October 15, 2019

Electronic cigarettes, known to most as e-cigarettes, are electronic devices that create aerosols that are inhaled. The aerosols are formed from an “e-liquid” that could contain nicotine and, a usually...

The Titanic: a supersized shipwreck

Kailynn Shaw, Editor August 27, 2019

Ever wondered about the Titanic, it sunk to the bottom of the sea, there is a movie about the ship and that's all people really know about it. Recently the famous ship was investigated after 14...

2020 Summer Olympics

2020 Summer Olympics

Ellena Aimes May 23, 2019

The Olympics is a very large and well-known competition of both summer and winter sports. This summer Olympics is highly anticipated as it gets closer. Not only does the Summer Olympics have many sports...

Cover Conspiracy Crisis: Varsity Blues Admissions Scandal

Cover Conspiracy Crisis: Varsity Blues Admissions Scandal

Max Brabham, Reporter April 25, 2019

What Happened For high school students, ivy league college seems like a pipe dream. Recently, though, a scandal has been uncovered in which hundreds of wealthy families have bribed their way through...

RaNiyah Wright

Bloody Knuckles: The Story of RaNiya Wright and the U.S’s Bullying Problem

Elena Horton, Reporter April 25, 2019

"Ugly," "yo' mama broke," "you like girls." These were statements said to RaNiya Wright by another girl in her class who antagonized her. These were the statements that caused Wright to fight back. These...

Deep, Dark, Dastardly: The Dark Web and its Origins

Deep, Dark, Dastardly: The Dark Web and its Origins

Elena Horton, Reporter March 25, 2019

“It wasn’t going to be a box of flowers,” said two men involved in a bomb plot. Michael James Young Jr., a 31 year old inmate who is currently serving a 50 year prison sentence, attempted to assassinate...

Pants on Fyre; Fyre Festival Disaster

Amara Houck, Reporter February 22, 2019

In 2017, a big music festival- advertised to be bigger than Coachella- was announced by a businessman, Billy McFarland, and Rapper, Ja Rule. It was to be set in May/April and was to be extremely extravagant...

Walled Up: Why The Government Shutdown was Unnecessary

Walled Up: Why The Government Shutdown was Unnecessary

Elena Horton, Reporter February 20, 2019

800,000. That's how many employees, both critical and non-critical, were directly effected by the shutdown. 50,000. That's how many were called back without pay in the middle of the shutdown. One. That's...

Heart Hemorrhage: American Consumers and Valentine's Day

Heart Hemorrhage: American Consumers and Valentine’s Day

Elena Horton, Reporter February 20, 2019

The American economy loves holidays. Valentine's day seems to be one of the more expensive ones though. However, as of recently, there's been a decrease in people who've chosen to participate in the holiday....

Clear Bag Policy

Clear Bag Policy

Elena Hortan, Editor in Chief November 20, 2018

Richland School District Two is implementing a “Clear Bag” entry procedure for to all winter varsity sporting events to take effect at the beginning of the regular season.  This proactive measure...

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