Hurricane Matthew: A Waking Nightmare

Looking over the facts of what was Hurricane Matthew

October 15, 2016

It was nothing they had seen before. The last time a hurricane hit South Carolina in such a way, it was 2007. News broadcasters all over the nation were panicked. Over a billion people were evacuated from a raging monster. That monster, was Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew was simply a gust of wind on the west side sea. Nothing that anyone expected to grow into a monstrosity. However, as it moved through the Atlantic, it began to gain more and more speed. In a matter of three days, Hurricane Matthew was born.

It began in the East Caribbean, reaching it’s peak on September 30th and raging all the way to October first, reaching a category five hurricane with winds of 160 miles per hour.

From then on, it decreased to a category four, but not before hitting both Haiti and Cuba, carrying a death toll of 276 people. The terror hadn’t ended yet though. On October eighth, Hurricane Matthew finally hit the east coast, but with the weakened power of a category one hurricane with winds of 75 miles per hour.

While on one hand, many didn’t seem to be affected in the U.S, but it was quite the contrary. Currently, 2.5 billion people have been estimated to have no power. 300 people have died because of the storm, and four states have declared state of emergency. Over 3,785 flights cancelled and 4,500 national guard troops deployed in order to save lives.

The travesty combined with South Carolina’s recent efforts to recover after the flood have left the state in shambles, with attention now to the coast and damage still being undone to South Carolina, onec an’t help but think back to Rick Scott, governor of Florida’s words:

“This storm will kill you.” he said.

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