Dr. Strange – Strangely Good?

Review on Dr. Strange (2016)

November 22, 2016


Dr. Strange, a really obscure and underrated superhero, finally got his origin movie in the Marvel Universe November 4th this year. However, there was a lot of buzzes even when the movie was first announced. But in order to fully understand, we need to delve into details.

A while ago, think the 1950’s, Stan Lee had released the 110th edition of ‘Strange Tales,’ introducing a brand new hero: Dr. Strange. Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange was neurosurgeon who lost both hands in a car accident, and so trying to desperately search for a way to heal himself, but began to hear rumors of a man who came to therapy each day for a spinal paralyzation issue, one day disappeared only to show up again able to walk. Strange then goes to find the man who leads him to a Hindu organization where he received spiritual training. Skeptical at first, Strange still goes where he meets ‘the Ancient One.’ Once he’s exposed to spirituality and magic, Strange finally believes (and with begging) he finally undergoes heavy training. And so, our favorite sorcerer was born.


However, this isn’t the first appearance of Dr. Strange on the big screen. We had a TV show in 1978 with Strange being played by Peter Hooten. The TV stays far away from the plot we know, though.

The 2016 movie though follows the original comics quite closely (thank heavens!)

Dr. Strange has to be one of the best superhero movies premiered yet. While it does twist and turn with its plot devices, once you get into Strange’s training, it’s just like being on a roller coaster. The effects were outstanding, and where most of the $165 million probably went into making the film. But the amount it pulled in according to the box office trumped “Thor,” “Ant-man,” and even “Captain America: The First Avenger” at a whopping $85 million in the opening night alone.


Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, gives a beautiful performance that reflects the character in itself in a realistic way: snarky, sassy, afraid to loose, and ambitious. Strange’s characterization as well, you can see a clear characterization between where he starts and where the film stops.

However, Strange has it’s flawed as well.

Let’s get into the health part of it: the trailer alone doesn’t even begin to cover how trippy the effects are. Anyone with epilepsy or seizures better steer clear: Dr.Strange is filled with optical illusions and bright, flashing colors everywhere. Even I became dizzy when leaving, not only from adrenaline but from how dizzying a lot of effects were. It felt like you were going to fall in– and I can only imagine how it must feel in 3D.

On top of which, in the beginning, it’s hard at all to try to identify with Strange. Even later on, while you do tend to like his bitter personality, you can’t help but not sympathize with him, especially since he continued to complain even after he the fact of fighting and taking down three bad guys at once. It’s like he tried to play the victim card way more than necessary. On the other hand, his stubbornness added a bit of humanity to him.

Next, you, of course, have the fact that this movie was connected to the Avengers in the sense it takes place in the same universe, but not even directly. Many people became frustrated. Even then, in order to fully understand some of the universe matter in the movie you need to at least know a little about Strange Tales itself.

Finally, we, of course, have to address the Elephant in the room: Dr. Strange when first announced was the subject of controversy due to accused white-washing of ‘the Ancient One.’ The training occurs in Himalaya in a Himalaya village where the population is: you guessed it- Himalayan. The Ancient One was played by British Actress, Tilda Swinton when Hollywood has more than enough Asian actresses who would gladly take the part. However, taking the controversy out of it, Swinton honestly did a beautiful job. The Ancient One is supposed to be portrayed as a mysterious, complicated individual. Considering in the original comics, The Ancient One was a guy, Tilda did more than a fine enough job.

Despite its flaws, both physical and in character, we finally get to final thoughts:

Dr. Strange is great in an inspiring way.

You know when you were a little kid and your parents took you to a really cool movie? And you looked up to the hero for a long time before the next movie came along? Dr. Strange is like that. The whole movie itself is filled with abstractness. There’s a message they keep pushing along the way that you really have to pay attention to see. The message is, of course, abstract in itself, but it leaves you an irreplaceable impression. It’s a movie you definitely have to see before this year is out, though, totally.

TL;DR: 9.5/10 Best superhero movie all year. Abstract in its own way with its own natural flaws that are easy to look past.

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