What’s Fir Christmas? Real vs. Fake Trees

Facts To Consider When Choosing A Tree

December 7, 2016

Every year, there’s an active debate on whether or not to can the artificial trees and go with the real ones, or save a few trees for the good of mother nature and just go with an artificial for a few years. Here are some factors you need to consider when making a decision for the holidays.


Good for the earth, good for the home!

When they were originally marketed, it was argued that artificial trees are more efficient since you’re only using one for several years, while every year with a real tree you’d have to cut down a new tree. However, this is not the case. Both trees do their respectful harm, but artificial trees tend to do more damage. The reason for this is due to the material made for the tree, PVC which is a petroleum based metal along with a lot of trees’s pines being made with lead. What does this have to do with anything? The previous facts show that if you’re exposed to artificial trees for a long time, you could get lead poisoning or inhale dangerous PVC particles.

But don’t throw it out just yet!

Real trees are just as bad. While the rotation of evergreen trees in tree farms don’t do a lot to the soil, for those with allergies you have the danger of allergens such as mold, dust, or worse: little insects being welcomed into your home. There’s also a small part of the population that’s actually allergic to tree sap. However, real tree production can actually produce a large amount of oxygen. One tree produces enough oxygen for at least 18 people at once, all while reducing Co2 emissions. But, real trees are still high maintenance, and you’ll only have a nice one for about a week before you have to toss it, versus a fake tree, which at most you may replace a few wires and bulbs. This accompanied with the fact that you can expose yourself to pesticides and harmful chemicals if you buy from the wrong place.

The price is right!

On a normal day, when it comes to price, most people lean towards genuine trees due to them not being as expensive. However, recently there’s been a minor price inflation. Even then, you can get a six foot false tree in a local Walmart for $39-$89 versus a $30-$60 tree every year. Over time, the price will gradually increase if you keep buying normal trees compared to simply buying a false tree once, then putting it up for the next ten years. That being said, you’re saving about $450 if you kept the trend for five years.

Lit Factor

While real trees are certainly flammable, how many times have you heard stories of people plugging in their real tree and getting it caught on fire? How about a fake one? While real trees can catch on fire when sitting too close to the fireplace, it’s easier to a false tree to catch on fire, especially if the wire is damaged or faulty. On top of this, it’s easier to fire proof a real tree than a false tree.


While many agree, it’s important to make a decision, it’s also important to consider all sides of an issue before making a decision. When choosing your tree, always remember than not every family or house is the same, and not every tree is the same.


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