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Ho, Ho, Holidays! – The Cavaliers and The Holidays

Elena Horton, Editor in Chief

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Many people would describe the holidays as a fun time of year for everyone. A time of joy and laughter, as well as family time. But does everyone celebrate the same way?

“Considering a majority of the population is christian,” said Scott Moore, 10th grader, “That’s why it’s so popular.” Moore speaks the truth, as 70% of the U.S population is christian as of 2017. However, many people have an issue with how much Americans tend to romanticize the holiday.

“It’s now become a holiday where you’re expected to spend a lot of money instead of focusing on what Christmas is truly about.” – Alisha Seymour

“I think it’s gotten a little too out of hand,” said Alisha Seymour, math teacher. “It’s now become a holiday where you’re expected to spend a lot of money instead of focusing on what Christmas is truly about.” She isn’t wrong, either. Between 2015 and 2016 alone, there was a 4.8% increase in holiday sales. That’s 680 billion U.S dollars spent in total. However, many will argue that the true meaning of Christmas hasn’t been totally lost among us.

Many people have their own favorite aspects about the year. “It’s all of the jazz music you hear every where,” said Moore. “When I turn on the radio it’s just everywhere and it just makes me happy.” Even then, it’s not just that part which gives people joy during Christmas.

“I think it’s cool, it’s good to celebrate the birth of Jesus,” said Jeremiah Berry, 10th grader. “It’s a fun time, y’know, you hang out with all your family members. It’s amazing.” So, while it does seem like many have lost touch of what Christmas truly means, there’s always something there to remind us.

“It’s just important for people to appreciate the people they’re around and they’ll find things to be thankful for,” said Seymour. “It’s not always about getting, it’s about giving even if it’s just some of your time. It’s not about spending a lot of money. You don’t have to go into debt just to be happy.”



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