how Major AP exam changes will affect the AP exam

Han Nelson, Reporter

Due to concerns related to COVID-19, the college board announced in March that the Advanced Placements Exams are to be taken online, with a few notable changes to the way that the Exams will function.


One important change made to exams is that they will consist of exclusively Free Response Questions, getting rid of the multiple choice section completely. According to one teacher of an AP subject, “[FRQs] are the hardest part for my students.” This change to exclusively having what is considered by most to be the harder half of the exam has made the test harder


Another change made has had the exact opposite effect on the difficulty of the exam, making it easier. Due to the difficulty of enforcing closed note take-home exams, the AP exams will be open resource/note.


Another change made was the removal of some of the units from the exams. One AP teacher stated that ”having less stuff [for the students] to prepare is good.” 


AP exams begin on May 11, 2020.