What is the hardest part of being tied down to one person? 

‎ Charles Serafine‎

“Thinking of it as being tied down, if you are using the words “tied down,” then you aren’t ready to be with any relationship. Why feel the pressure of being monogamous if you are gonna equate it to being captured?”

Gracicla Paulino‎

“Maintaining it, especially for the fact that sometimes there are moments where you feel like you have some doubts. If you don’t agree with someone or you are having some issues, that’s when it starts to get a little rough.”‎


Jazmyne McCrae

“Having to love them through all their hardships.”


‎John Moody‎

“The first part is saying that you are tied down. It’s a bad phrase. I guess the biggest issue in being committed to someone is that it sounds a lot better. You have to regulate and understand your own emotions. Now every decision you make, you have to take into consideration the emotions and thoughts and repercussions of the other person as well.”






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