What are some red flags in a partner that you would tell a teenager to look out for? 

Charles Serafine

“For me, as a teenager, there were no red flags. They were all green flags. I would see how they treat other people – how they treat the hostess, the receptionist, the other person on the phone when they are trying to figure something out. How they speak to other people when they are frustrated is how they speak to you.”

Graciela Paulino

“When they are not as considerate, especially to your needs or wants. If you need to have some sleep or some time to yourself, but they always want to spend that time with you. You know, you have to have that time to yourself, just like you want to give them their time to themselves.”‎

‎Jazmyne McCrae

“So many. I’m someone who doesn’t listen or like pay attention to details. That’s a big red flag for me. Someone who doesn’t have goals or like motivation to like complete things and like, wants to advance and progress better in life. That’s also a huge red flag.”

John Moody‎

“I would say that if somebody thinks that you owe them your time and they are possessive or control your platonic relationships. That is a huge red flag- possessiveness.”






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