What are some green flags in a partner that you would tell a teenager to look out for?

‎ Gracicla Paulino‎

“Overall respect. You want to at least be respectful and know your boundaries and they’re not going to cross those boundaries.”

Jazmyne McCrae‎

“I look for someone who can be friends with my friends. Because, you know, they have to be friends friendly with my friends, too. So that’s a huge green flag. Someone who’s really dedicated to their family and like, loyal to their family. That’s also a huge green flag. I would say someone just who always strives to do better.”

John Moody‎

“If a person is interested in what you say, not just placating. If someone can listen to what you’re saying and ask meaningful questions. If you find interest in their interest, and if someone is excited about the things you say, that’s a huge red flag.”





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