Coming or Going: Are Homecoming Events still popular?


Homecoming is a long standing tradition that’s been practiced plenty over the past few decades. Richland Northeast has done plenty to celebrate homecoming. Recently, though, more and more people have stopped participating in the special event days that lead up to the homecoming game.

“I haven’t been involved in any dress up events,” said Triston Reinhardt, senior. “The reason being, I just don’t like doing it.” This is a common theme of apathy demonstrated amongst the students.

“They’re great, but the way they’re fleshed out takes away from school,” said Reinhardt. “They sacrifice learning for school spirit. A pep rally takes place in the middle of the day when it could be done at the end of the day.” This was a comment that resonated with many, especially teachers, at RNE.

A major issue had with pep rallies is they mostly take place during the day and are considered mandatory, cutting class time.