Five Best Places to Take Selfies on Campus

Five Best Places to Take Selfies on Campus

Selfies are a modern staple of school life. But where, on campus, is the best place to take a selfie? Lighting is important so you don’t look too dark or too bright. A creative background is also important since you don’t want to post a plain picture. Here are the top five places on campus that solves all of these issues!

1. The Mosaic

The mosaic is one the best places to take a selfie due to the great lighting. The sun shines directly on the mosaic giving you a glowing effect. The colorful background gives you something fun to add to your picture as well. This is by far one of the places to take a selfie.

2. A Brick Wall

For this one, you’ll be sacrificing your background for good lighting. The good lighting and simplistic background allows the viewer to focus on the subject. The brick wall can also highlight the outfit you have on, enhancing the quality. Some times doing a little less with your picture is more.

3. The Shakespeare Garden Pond

The Shakespeare Garden Pond is a good place to take a selfie, especially because of the eye catching pond in the back. The lighting isn’t the best from the angle taken, but this area is pretty good place to take a selfie.

4. The Stairs

 While the stairs seem too bland, the lighting makes up for dull scenery. This area is ideal if the goal is to highlight your features.

5. The Science Atrium Courtyard

The science atrium has fair lighting, but the surrounding scenery depending on the location makes for a good background. It’s important to keep in mind to time your selfies though, since the lighting is only good at certain times of the day.