Heart Hemorrhage: American Consumers and Valentine’s Day

The American economy loves holidays. Valentine’s day seems to be one of the more expensive ones though. However, as of recently, there’s been a decrease in people who’ve chosen to participate in the holiday. Compared to a decade ago, at 60%, only 51% of consumers expect to treat their sweethearts or themselves to valentine’s day treats, according to market watch.

The reason for this, based on a poll from the same source, is broken up into three big outliers:

  • Valentine’s Day is over commercialized
  • The holiday marginalizes and shames singles
  • It’s not quite as fun getting invested into anymore.

In addition, there’s tons of Americans struggling with about $1.4 trillion in student loan debt, and a revolving $7 thousand per household in credit card debt. With numbers like those, it’s no wonder spending on your spouse hasn’t been as popular.

However, it’s not enough just to look at those numbers– below are even more facts and figures summarized and pictured.