March Madness: The Final Four


Kailynn Shaw, Co-Editor

March Madness is the most intense point of college basketball season, NBA drafts and D1 athletes play their hardest to show they deserve their spots and the entire world is watching and judging everything they do.

This year there were over a hundred teams playing in the Men’s divisions and it has been intense, every team and player trying to play there hardest and be the best. The Final Four was April 6th the teams for the men were the Virginia Cavaliers vs. the Auburn Tigers and the Texas Tech Raiders vs. the Michigan State Spartans

Starting with the Virginia and Auburn game, in the first quarter, Virginia took care of the ball they didn’t rush but took a fast break whenever they got a defensive rebound and Kyle Guy sunk a three-pointer keeping Virginia in the lead for most of the first half. Auburn came with high speed and big energy, they ended the fourth quarter with a three-point lead.