Homecoming 2019

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Homecoming 2019

Max Brabham, Reporter

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It’s 2019 homecoming week here at RNE, and just like every year, each day has its own theme. Here’s a list of what those themes are and what you might expect to see.


Get on your horse and ride off into the sunset on Monday because it’s western wear. Expect to see wild western attire such as boots, lasso’s, and hats.


Grab your essential oils and make sure your aura is looking good on Tuesday because it’s Hippies and Bohemians. You might see things like peace signs, tie-dye clothing, and maybe even some bell-bottom pants.


You may want to shield your eyes from the light on Wednesday because Neon is the theme of that day. Expect to see fluorescent colors such as lime green, hot pink, bright red, and maybe even fuchsia.


” ¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás?”, ” اهلا كيف انت؟” “안녕 잘 지내?” Or as we say in English, “Hi! How are you?” These might be things you hear in conversation on Thursday because the respect of all things international is what that day is all about, it’s a celebration of the worlds languages, cultures, and ethnicities. Expect to see a multitude of things that may trace back to a certain country, culture, language, or ethnicity. This is also the night we have a homecoming dance with performances from our some of our own student body.


Friday is all about music and school spirit. This day we will have our famous pep rally. Expect to see our school colors of orange and blue, and all kinds of music, maybe even some blues.


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