Covid-19 taking over how we learn could be beneficial

Covid-19 could be beneficial for the education system. It does not seem all that great being stuck at home but the way things are running education could become a lot less tedious. Just like any other state, South Carolina has started to practice social distancing, which has closed many places, such as schools. The schools were closed to practice social distancing, after the outbreak of Covid-19. Many people have been drastically affected by the change but not as much as teachers, With shortages with teachers in many states, teachers are often forgotten and now more than ever, they are needed. Many school’s years have been cut short without them having any time to prepare. Students have to adjust learning behind a computer screen instead of a classroom and teachers have to learn a new way to teach their students with e-learning.

E-Learning is how teachers are now teaching, through sites like Zoom and Google Meet. Some teachers did have some trouble getting adjusted to the changes in the curriculum, from having to lecture through a computer and assigning work when they usually only have classwork for their students. Schools, such as Richland Northeast High School, RNE, have even made extremely short scheduled classes that are now being cut down to 30 minute increments. In this time teachers usually lecture, answer student questions, go over assignments and assign assignments. At RNE, this schedule is hard to adjust to but it is not a big problem due to the fact that the school has an A day, B day type of schedule, students still have that schedule even during this time. Mondays and Wednesdays are used as A days, where students do the work and go to the classes for that day and it is the same on B Days. This benefits the teacher because they still have their planning period to prepare for the next class or even the next day.

With the number of Covid-19 cases rising in the states and the virus is not showing any real signs of stopping, it is believed that the E-Learning situation will take place next year. Many are concerned with how E-Learning will be affecting school’s future learning processes. There may even become a possibility that there will not be week-long school closings because of hurricanes because teachers will be able to create a backup lesson plan completely digital and students will be able receive their assignments via Google Classroom and through their email. This will change how school districts handle unexpected days out of school, it could also change how home bound students receive their assignments. Teachers now know how to operate applications that allow students to receive work and have one on one discussion time. It seems Covid-19 is changing education for the better.