Harry Styles’ performance underwhelms his fanbase in ‘Don’t Worry, Darling’


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Harry Styles and co-star Olivia Wilde play a “picture perfect” couple in the small town of Victory. Editor-in-chief Hallie Palmer was enthralled with the impressive plotline and cast.

The expectations were high walking into what is collectively known as the “new Harry Styles” premiere. As this pop icon has altered his image from the teeny-bopper star to an accredited progressive icon, ‘Don’t Worry, Darling’ sparked interest in his devoted fan base. 

 As a past One-Direction obsessor, Harry Styles starring in what looked like a romance movie was destined to fill my Friday night with excitement. However, when I was stopped and checked for an ID at the door, my expectations altered. 

Countless movies have their audiences sobbing endlessly at cringey romantic monologues, several cause audiences to cover their eyes with overly expensive bags of popcorn out of fear, however this film was unalike. Within the two hours I spent in the theater that afternoon, my eyes were peeled continuously, which allotted no time for fear-filled reactions or prompted tears.

The cast of this film was notable – including some prominent names such as Harry Styles, Chris Pine, Florence Pugh, and more – also directed by growing director, Olivia Wilde, who starred as the lead protagonist, Alice Chambers.

Perhaps the way we see Harry Styles will never change.

As a person who owns every single streaming site on the internet, I suggest you do not wait to view this one on Amazon Prime or Netflix. This is a must see in theaters. If not just for the surround sound and extensive screen, but for the feeling of being in the movie, with those around you watching it, it is well worth it. 

Set in the 1950s, the home of Jack and Alice Chambers is presented to be picturesque and faultless in the beautiful town of Victory. Every family is set in a picture perfect home where housewives do the ordinary – cooking meals for their husbands, taking ballet classes, spending absurd amounts of money, gossiping, and being prepared to welcome their husbands home with open arms and a glass of whiskey.

 Aside from this, their husbands are said to be engineers employed by the “Victory Project” that works on progressive technology everyday from nine to five. From the beginning, confusion is viable, to what seems to be found by both the characters and the audience, as many questions are unanswered. We see the protagonist, Olivia Wilde, experience her life in Victory. As suspension begins to rise, we can see the progressive efforts made by antagonist, Chris Pine, to keep things hushed around the wives. 

This utopian society, where everything is seen to be perfect and tranquil, is filled with the darkest of secrets and mind blowing treachery. But what about the underlying message? 

Undertones of misogyny and suppression makes this an outstanding feminist flick. As this society promotes a system where women stay where they are told and prefer the duties that are required of them, this oppression seems accepted by these women. 

As this continues on through the film, the push back from aggressive women, such as Alice Chambers, made the audience support the outcome of this film. The “yes’s” and “ahhh’s” that erupted as the climax presented itself accounted for the underlying theme of social and feminine progression.

What about the man himself? Harry Styles – the man we grew up loving and now constantly see across our social media feeds. While the expectations were high, considering his fanbase is millions, the end result was a bit of a let down. 

Playing a side antagonist, his depiction of Jack Chambers was rather disappointing. His main role, a perfect husband who is constantly loving and always providing was excellent. However, his acting as the villainous character that performs immoral actions amongst the society  was underwhelming. Perhaps the way we see Harry Styles will never change. 

How could the boy we loved growing up with curly hair and statement scarves ever dream of hurting such a beautiful woman as Olivia Wilde? 

As depicted by the famous poster of the main couple sharing an intimate moment, the film is expected to be a romance. To much surprise, romance is but a side note in the overall message of this film.

Nevertheless, the thriller that is ‘Don’t Worry, Darling’ was a beautiful portrayal of what a utopian society would be and the way feminist attitudes succeed is inspiring. Ultimately, leaving the movie theater this Friday night, I felt perfectly okay with spending $30 at the movies.