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Autumn Vibes

It’s time for the Fall debate to end debates: When does Fall actually begin?
Autumn Vibes

Let’s be honest: Fall is one of the most amazing seasons of all, and is currently the most popular season! You have the nice breeze to make up for the sweaty Summer weather, and colorful and crunchy leaves, not to mention it makes way for the spooky season and Thanksgiving! But when does Fall begin? Many people follow the astronomical calendar, which states that Fall begins September 22nd and ends December 21st. However, many people follow the meteorological calendar that states Fall begins September 1st and ends November 30th. While I, personally, believe Fall ends before December, what do other people believe?




Amir Threatts, Freshman

Threatts agrees with the astronomical calendar. “I feel like that’s when the temperature starts to drop a little, and I guess that’s when we’re closer to Halloween, so… on September 1st you don’t see any, really, Fall spirit, but on September 22nd you do see it. So, I feel like September 22nd you would feel more in the Autumn, kind of, you feel the more, like, Fall kind of vibe.”



Madison Page, Senior

Page agrees with the meteorological calendar. “The only thing is when it hits December it already be cold, so… Fall should end, and then… Fall should have been ended.”



Alayna Middleton, Senior

Middleton agrees with the astronomical calendar. “Well, I agree with the one where September 22nd is where Fall starts because usually you can feel when Fall starts and it doesn’t feel like Fall for me. It still feels like Summer.” 



Jamarion Thompson, Sophomore

Thompson believes in the meteorological calendar. “When I think of December, I think of Winter. That Winter, because of Christmas, [in] most places it begins to snow in December, but I don’t think that Fall should end December 21st because that’s kinda crazy.”



Cipher Valles, Freshman

Valles does not agree with either calendar. “Honestly, I don’t really know. I just like- when I start feeling, like, spooky and stuff like that, that’s when I decide [on] getting into Fall.”



Dakota Miller, Senior

Miller believes in the astronomical calendar. “I agree with the first calendar because it’s- it’s kinda hot right now, and it’s not really Fall weather.”



Abigail Robillard, Senior

Robillard believes in the meteorological calendar. “I believe that December is more traditionally considered a Winter month and that the weather during December is more inclusive with that of Winter weather than of Fall weather.”



Angel Navarro, Freshman

Navarro believes Fall begins on September 22nd, as shown on the astronomical calendar. “You know, it’s just… something that I kinda believe in, you know? Something that I have grown up with, you know?”



Genesis Macario, Sophomore

Macario believes Fall begins on September 1st, as shown on the meteorological calendar. “It just makes more sense, cause the first one is like- December, and December is more about Christmas stuff, and then the second one is like- just makes more sense, you know?”



Keyonna Shepard, Senior

Shepard believes Fall begins on September 1st, as shown on the meteorological calendar. “That kind of checks out. September, October, [and] November, three months of Fall. So, it kind of checks out. But, all the Halloween enthusiasts… I know what you want, and you could have that. All you have to do is cause an uprising with the Christmas enthusiast.”

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