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Black History Month; Uganda Edition

Ayrie Spence
Angel Ayebazibwe introduces herself to a crowd of students. In the library, the first speaker of many, shared her Black History month presentation.

“It is commonly nicknamed the Pearl of Africa,” Angel Ayebazibwe proudly states. “I come from Uganda”

During 1st lunch yesterday in the library Ayebazibwe, an international teacher at RNE, gave a presentation on her home country, Uganda. Ayebazibwe mentioned that someone had once asked her if her home was a bush while living in Uganda.  “Do you think I live in a bush?” Ayebazibwe asked incredulously. At the beginning of her speech Ayebazibwe asked the crowd what came to mind when they thought of Africa. There were a lot of stereotypical answers like ‘hunger’ or ‘poverty.’

Uganda, shown on a map of Africa. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

 In response she told the crowd about the beautiful cities and biodiversity found throughout Uganda. Including the many butterfly species, bird species, and half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas. 

A mountain gorilla looking away from the camera. Photo by Thomas Furman/Wikimedia Commons

Ayebazibwe went through Uganda’s history, including the country’s recent independence from the United Kingdom in 1962. She also mentioned Idi Amin, a well known Ugandan dictator that ruled from 1971-1976. 

As her presentation came to an end, she showed a video highlighting unique and interesting things about Uganda.



The video featured a Ugandan dish called Rolex. The “rolled eggs” are a delicacy in Uganda. Made with eggs, vegetables, and vegetable oil. 

Ayebazibwe mentioned many interesting characteristics about Uganda. For example, the Equator runs straight through Uganda, adding another distinctive trait to the beautiful country. During her speech she continued to reinforce the idea of Uganda being a beautiful and rich place, as well as the whole of Africa. 


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  • A

    Asiimwe PamellaFeb 22, 2024 at 2:33 AM

    Proud girl from the Pearl of Africa, keep shining