Quack Donuts – The new image of ‘family-friendly donuts’

Located on the intersection of Fort Jackson blvd. is a new family friendly doughnut shop called “Duck Donuts.”

“The CEO and his family created it because they take vacation there [Duck, North Carolina],” Katie Mccanna, a franchise owner, said. “They wanted donuts on vacation. We have so many people who want to take the recipe home, so eventually we embarked on a franchise.”

A key part in Duck Donuts’ success was social media advertising.

“I heard about it on Snapchat,” Daymonte White, a customer, said. “I saw a lot of people go to Duck Donuts and showed off their donuts.” White said.

The process of each doughnut gives each one a unique taste customers love.

“I think it’s really neat that they have cards where you can write your order on,” one customer said. “And they’re more aesthetically pleasing than krispy kreme.”

Each doughnut is customizable from the different coasting to toppings, such as, maple bacon, rainbow sprinkles, oreo cookies and a choice of drizzle.

“I thought they’d be more expensive than they were,” a customer said. “They’re also warm.”

“They’re very warm, fluffy, and so good.” White said.

Duck Donuts is open from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM and is located on 702 Cross Hill Rd, Columbia, SC 29205. You can also check out the Duck Donuts merchandise.