RNE football is one of the most popular sports at RNE. Some students will agree that RNE football wouldn’t be complete without all the teamwork, good sportsmanship, and the support from the coaching staff.

This year the RNE football Head Coach is Bennett Weigle. Coach Weigle teaches Photoshop and Image Editing at RNE for nine years, and has been coaching for 13 years. “I feel like I’m pretty close with most of them, one thing I try to do is build relationships with all my students in class and my team,” Weigle said. This year there was some issues with the team, but it wasn’t anything to make the coach lose his head.

Weigle himself has actually played football in high school. He played defensive end and tight end. This year, the RNE football team has had their ups and downs. With their mixed fortunes, the football team ended the season with a record of 3-7,”I thought the season went well. I’m looking forward to growing in 2018,” Weigle has decided that post-season conditioning might be happening in the month of December.