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The Saber’s Female Athlete of the Year: Kiley Wagner

Lillian Mirosavich
Senior midfielder Kiley Wagner, The Saber’s Female Athlete of the Year, values the relationships she formed on and off the field. “Getting goals is good, but working as a team and getting to know them,” she said, “those are the friendships that have lasted for a long time”

She started playing soccer when she was four. 

It started as a fun activity to do with her family, and Kiley Wagner’s grandmother was the reason she started playing more seriously when she signed her up to play in a young girls league at their local YMCA.

Wagner, a senior at RNE, is The Saber Female Athlete of the Year. 

“Shout out to my grandmother for putting me into multiple sports as a kid and then just pressuring me into soccer,” Wagner said.

She’s also learned some life lessons from soccer which have translated into her day-to-day life, including the importance of getting back up when you’re knocked down.

I learned the hard way with my dad that you have to get up to keep playing,” Wagner said. “And my dad got tired of it and he was like, if you don’t get up and if you don’t keep playing and you stop, if you don’t stop whining, I’m going to take you off the field.”

According to Wagner, the most memorable part of soccer for her is the girls she plays with, which makes it all worth it and brings the fun back into the sport for her. The community they built within the team makes them all want to work to achieve their goals, and Wagner is a key player in keeping the team motivated and united. One of her teammates was goalkeeper Ayrie Spence.

“It feels like a family,” Spence said.

I think gaining a lot of new friendships is so fulfilling.

— Kiley Wagner

RNE coach Michel Arket is a very big advocate for leadership on and off the field for his players. He believes that Wagner is a great example of this. She always leads by example and encourages her teammates to give their best effort.

“One of our big things is leadership on and off the field,” Arket said. 

Wagner’s dedication to her team and her ability to inspire others have made her better both on and off the field. Her positive attitude and work ethic have not only earned her the title of Athlete of the Year but have also left a lasting impact on her teammates and coaches.

Wagner is sticking close to home and going to the University of South Carolina and majoring in criminal justice with a minor in forensics. She has also made the choice not to play in college, despite the amount of time she’s put into the sport over the years.

“I just want to mainly focus on getting my degree, because if I don’t have that focus, I think I’ll get way too distracted. And I don’t want to overwork myself by having too many things,” Wagner said.

Wagner is thankful for the support and encouragement she received from her grandma to start playing the sport and values the bonds she formed from it.

“I think gaining a lot of new friendships is so fulfilling,” Wagner said. 

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