The News: How do you get it


The news is the way all people keep informed about the world around them and to make sure everyone gets that information there are many different stations, websites, apps and people you can use. For younger kids in elementary or middle school, they probably get that information from their parents or teachers they don’t really care for that information. In high school, as students get closer to becoming a legal adult and close to being able to vote they start to pay more attention to the presidential election, current events and the laws that are passed.

Students and teachers are from different generations, therefore, they all might have a different preference for how to get that information, “I most definitely think that as kids born in the 2000s and parents born the 1970s or 1980s, have different preferences on how to get national news,” Jordan Harper-Thomas said.

In a recent study taken in 2016, it was showed that adults from age of 30-49 use online sources more then they watch television to get the national news and adults from 18-29 have the same rate. People believe that kids the ages 13-21 are in an age where they have access to the best technology and education they could possibly get. With more advances and pushes towards brighter futures, since 2016 there has been more than 84 percent of students graduating on time. With more students graduating and eventually having kids, they are teaching their kids to be more involved in the world around them, “I would most definitely have my children watching the new and interested in politics from a youngish age, like not at five years old but at ten or eleven most definitely.” said Autumn Jackson. No matter what age anyone can be interested in what is going on in the world around them.