Netflix with northeast: Coming Home Week

Kailynn Shaw, Co-Editor

With winter sports ending and spring sports coming quickly, Richland Northeast has a tradition of a week of showing spirit for our school and support for our winter sports teams. At the end of the week, there is a faculty-student basketball game to raise money and awareness for cancer treatments and we find out who has won Coming Home King.


Spirit Week

This years theme was Netflix with Northeast, every day had a different dress code based on popular Netflix shows and movies such as Black Mirror, What Happened to Monday, Stranger Things and many more.


Monday was Black Mirror, and everyone was told to wear all black. Students participated in wearing at least one black item even if was by accident, “I actually completely and utterly forgot that it was spirit week,” says, Emily Keim, a senior at RNE, “I just so happened to put on this black hoodie when I was getting ready to come to school.” Many students posted there blackout day looks.


Tuesday was What Happened To Monday, the movie is about a group of identical septuplets, so naturally, you and your friend or friends would get together to dress the same. You could dress identical to your best friend, your entire group of friends, or your teammates, “Well since we had a game this afternoon we all were gonna look alike eventually so why not do it the entire day,” says Ashanti O’Neal, a sophomore at Richland Northeast.


Wednesday was more relaxed and chill with Pajama Day or Stranger Things, students flooded the school in dragon onesies, unicorn onesies, regular onesies, basically just a lot of onesies, “I honestly think I’m the only one without a onesie on”, says Keleah Capers, senior at Richland Northeast, “I think Pajama day is one of the most popular because we get to wear clothes that are comfortable.” Pajama day is a success every year at Northeast people love to look cute and be comfortable.


Pull out your afros because of Thursday was 70s day or the Get Down, the student’s traveled back in time with their apparel, “I had to go to several different places to find an afro wig, I finally found one at a hair store down the street from the school,” says Elijah Slater, sophomore at RNE, “it’s hilarious how many people bought one just for today.”


Finally, Friday was the day to show the most school spirit with Fuller House for our huge Cavalier family. Students were told to wear the school colors, orange and blue, “I didn’t have any orange in my closet at all so I just grabbed an orange shirt from the closest Walmart, orange is not a popular color,” says Keim.


Faculty-Student Basketball Game

For the last 45 minutes of the fourth block, the students packed the stands for the annual student-faculty basketball game. The student-faculty basketball game is held every year by Richland Northeast to raise awareness and money for cancer research. This year the school was able to raise $1,600. The students held quite a lead for the first had but the teachers caught up very close to the students in the second quarter but all in all the students won the game for the third year in a row.




Coming Home Court

A Richland Northeast tradition that is not like other schools is coming home King, which is the equivalent to homecoming queen but with boys. On Thursday morning students got the chance to vote for their choice of coming home King they had choices between Darius Adamson, Felix Seici, Marques Roberts, Michael Reynolds, Kamorey Stinson and William Bobadilla. This year’s coming home King was Michael Reynolds with runner-up Kamorey Stinson.