Cavplex students receive awards during SIPA convention

Cavplex students won 34 awards from the Southern Interscholastic Press Association. At the awards ceremony that concluded the organization’s annual convention, the winners were announced.

In SIPA’s Best Writing Contest, broadcast students placed in all but one category In total they took home 17 awards.

Broadcast received 9 awards in the SIPA’s Best Visual Contest.

The Saber Online advisor, Bill Rawson, speaks during a session at the SIPA Convention. Rawson discussed multimedia use in student publications. (Rissy McDonald)


The Saber won two first place awards in the online categories, both by Hallie Palmer. Delaney Peck also received a third place award for The Saber.  All three of the awards earned by The Saber were in the social media category.

Broadcast students received 4 awards for SIPA’s on-site competitions. The literary magazine, Psyche, received third place for SIPA’s Best of Show.