District Pilots New Security Measures

Students find metal detectors and backpack checks at the school entrance.

Richland School District Two piloted increased security measures at RNE by utilizing metal detectors and book bag checks on the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 21. Principal Mark Sims stated the superintendent, Dr. Baron Davis, started to implement these measures at high schools around the district due to heightened concerns regarding student safety. 

“The ultimate goal is to make sure that we are ensuring all schools in Richland Two are safe.” Principal Sims said.

The security measures are provisional, Sims said. However, this could change in the near future. It is unclear how often these security checks will occur at schools around the district.

“At this point, right now, it is temporary,” Sims said. “But there is a possibility we could have it permanently for all of the high schools in the district.”

Students are partly appreciative of the new installments, but question if its benefit is worth it.

“I mean it’s nice for the safety of the school, and I think it was surprising,” senior Wesley Farris said. “But because we have well over a thousand students, and it takes around 20 seconds for each student, that’s a lot of time taken up. It’s a time constraint.”

With this process being new for all administrators and staff of Richland Northeast, it is expected that not everything will initially run seamlessly, which will also consume more time. 

“Of course this is the first time for Richland Northeast,” Principal Sims said. “There is going to be some lag time, so we know students may be late in the mornings.”

The overarching purpose of these measures is to ensure that students feel safe, but do they need them to ensure this sentiment?

“It’s not completely necessary,” Farris said. “I do feel safe at RNE. I don’t have any problems with anybody.”